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We were told it would be a waiting game after the surgery. She was NPO(nothing by mouth) until she pooped. And after that she would be gradually allowed to drink her formula.
Her GI doctor and nutritionist came to see us shortly after the surgery and told us that misty likely, due to the extent of the amount of bowel that was affected, she would be on TPN (fed through an IV). They talked about needing a home health nurse, and about the difficulties she would face.
When I tell people this part of the story, I tell them Faith looked at them as if to say “you don’t know my Jesus!” The surgery was on a Saturday. That evening she had poop. By Monday, she was allowed to have a little formula, and by Thursday we were in our way home!
They sent us home with a feeding schedule, and orders to measure her output. Well, before our two week follow-up appointment Faith was eating almost twice as much as What was on the feeding schedule. When we went back for our GI/nutrition post-op appointment, both her doctor and her nutritionist were amazed. The nutritionist admitted to me that when we were discharged she just knew we would be back before our appointment. That there was no way Faith was going to be able to thrive without the intervention… oh, but God!!!
Faith still has her illeostomy. But she has absolutely no problem eating and gaining weight. As a matter of fact, the same nutritionist jokingly said at later appointment that we were going to need to put Faith on a diet. Before diagnosis, Faith was barely on the charts. She was in the 0.5 percentile for her age. Now, at two years old Faith weighs 40 pounds and is in the 99th percentile! It is awesome What God can do.


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