Dating on a Dime. 10 Dates for $10 or less

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Whether it’s your first date or you have been married for years, you don’t have to spend a fortune on a date.  It is about spending the time with the person that you are with. Whether it is a first date and you are just getting to know each other, or you just celebrated your 25th wedding anniversary, and you just need some time together to rekindle that spark.

My husband and I went to a $4.99 all you can eat pizza buffet for our first official date.  We had met a few weeks before through a mutual friend and had been hanging out. He was off work for due to an on-the-job injury, and I had been off due to illness.  In conversation, we realized we both had a doctor’s appointment around the same time, on the same side of town to see if we would be released to go back to work.  A perfect set up for an afternoon lunch date.  It was obviously nothing fancy.  But we talked and laughed forever over mushroom and pepperoni slices.  And now, after being married for a few years, it is a great story to tell when people ask how we met and about our first date.  It drives the point home that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a great time.   So, in honor of my first date with my hubby, I have come up with a list of 10 dates that are $10 or less.  Of course, you could spend more on any of them, but see you if you can meet the challenge and stay in budget:   

  1. Picnic in the Park.  Pack a blanket and a basket and go to your local park.  Fill you basket with goodies that you already have at home.  Lunch meat, crackers, fruit, and/or leftovers from the night before, whatever you have. It’s not about the meal.  It’s about spending quality time together.  Cost:  Free 
  2. Local Concerts.  Check for local free concerts in your area.  They are easy to find. Check the Events tab on Facebook or your town website.  Often small towns have concerts or even movie nights in the town square or parks for the community.  My husband and I have gone to concerts in our town and listened to bands that played music that we definitely do not listen to. But again, it’s about spending time together.  And you never know, you might find a new favorite song.  So grab your lawn chairs and head out for some tunes.  Cost:  Free
  3. Volunteer together.  You don’t have to look far to find a place to volunteer.  What passions do you both share?  Do you like animals?  Contact a local animal shelter.  Volunteers are also at needed at nursing homes to spend time with the residents.  You could also contact a local soup kitchen or shelter to see if you could volunteer there.  The list is limitless.  Not only will you get to spend quality time with your loved, you get to be s blessing to others. Cost:  Free 
  4. Go For a Sunday Drive.  This is something that can be done year round.  After church as a child, we would take a drive out to a farm that had a small store. They made the best ice cream.  We would all get a cone and go stand outside to watch the cows and eat our ice cream cones.  This was one of my favorite activities to do in the spring and summer as a kid..  But, going for a drive around Christmas times is one of my favorite things to do.  People in my area really go all out decorating for Christmas.  One house has a whole show with clips from Christmas movies playing on the house, skits, a designated radios station, and lights that are timed magically to look like they are dancing along on beat.  The best thing is that it’s free.  However, the family does have a box outside asking for donations, because that electric bill has to be doozy.  Cost:  Free    
  5. Local Zoo or Museums.  Check with your local zoo or museum.  While there is normally an entry free, many zoos have a day or time where entrance is free. Cost:  Free   
  6. Painting Ceramics.  Many cities have places where you can pick out a ceramic item and paint it.  Many cities have places where you can pick out a ceramic item and paint it.  They will fire it for you and you can come back in a couple of days to pick it up (second date maybe?) here is a cost for the item you to choose to paint, but you can pick small items that are only a few dollars.  Some places also have a small studio fee  so you definitely want to check this out before you go. Cost:  $3 and up
  7. Check out a local high school game.  Our local games are $5.  So, you would spend the whole $10 to get in.  That means no snacks.  Or, you could go at half time when admission is usually free.  This date gives you a chance to support your community and maybe even meet some more of your neighbors. Cost: Free-$10  
  8. Weenie Roast and S’mores.  There is nothing like snuggling up with your sweetie by a cozy fire.  Grab a pack of hotdogs, which depending on your preference ranges from $1.00 to $5.00 Then pick up a couple of chocolate bars, marshmallows, and graham crackers for a cuddly good time.  Cost:  $8.00
  9. Be a tourist. This is a great one if you like history and live in or near a large city.  Pretend you are from somewhere else, and check out the free places in town where all the tourists go. Cost: Free
  10. Winery Tour.  Visit a local winery.  The tours are free and usually come with a little sip. Cost:  Free

So, there you have it! 10 ways to have a fun evening without breaking the bank. What are your favorite dates on a budget idea?

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14 thoughts on “Dating on a Dime. 10 Dates for $10 or less

    1. Yes those are great too. Especially just hanging out watching the sunset. It gives you time to. Just sit and enjoy each other.

  1. Love your list of free date ideas, especially the one about pretending to be a tourist. So many people do not see the local sites except when they have out of town visitors. I recently moved to Honolulu so we ARE doing the tourist thing but prior to the move, had lived in the Dallas area for 20+ years and never saw the JFK Memorial, many of the museums, etc. Our loss!

    1. Exactly! My best friend is from Memphis, TN. I asked her if she had ever been to Graceland to see Elvis’ house. She said she had never been in there. The crazy thing is her backyard and his are separated by a fence!

  2. The hubs and I are on staycation this week. I hope to get to do more than one of these ideas this week! My fave; painting ceramics and winery tour. His fave; weenie roast and s’mores! Yum!

    1. Thank you. Sometime I think we have a tendency to over complicate things. Often the simpler the better.

  3. These are really great ideas! I’ve never heard of places where you can paint your own ceramics. That sounds like fun and different. I’m always looking for budget-friendly ways to spend quality time with my hubby!

  4. These are very good date ideas, not only for a “date date”, but also good for a parent-child date, or places to visit when out of town guests arrive, as something to do for those unfamiliar with the area.

    1. Thank you. Yes it can be difficult but if you think outside the box a little it is definitely possible!

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